Graceworks is an Equal Opportunity Employer (Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans.)

Current Open Positions
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Job TitleCompanyLocationStatusJob Code
Cook- Full-Time 10:00am-6:30pmBethany VillageCenterville, OhioFull Time2018-800-B100-620-225-009
Cook- PRNBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPer Diem2018-800-B100-620-225-010
COTA- Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (PRN)Bethany VillageCenterville, OhioPer Diem2018-800-B100-575-125-005
Direct Support Professional - Butler CountyEnhanced LivingButler County, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-900-E676-805-800-018
Direct Support Professional - Cincinnati $12/hr. every weekendEnhanced LivingCincinnati, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-900-E676-805-800-017
Direct Support Professional - Cincinnati 2nd and 3rd shiftEnhanced LivingCincinnati, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-900-E676-805-800-012
Direct Support Professional - Hyde Park/Oakley Full Time 2nd shiftEnhanced LivingCincinnati, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-900-E676-805-800-010
Direct Support Professional - Sycamore/Blue Ash Full Time 2nd shiftEnhanced LivingCincinnati, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-900-E676-805-800-013
Direct Support Professional - Wyoming/Springdale Full Time 2nd shiftEnhanced LivingCincinnati, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-900-E676-805-800-011
Direct Support Professional - Kettering/Beavercreek Full Time 2ndEnhanced LivingDayton, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-900-E676-805-800-016
Direct Support Professional - Trotwood/Union Full Time 2ndEnhanced LivingDayton, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-900-E676-805-800-015
Housekeeper- Full-Time 1st Shift (6:30am-3:00pm)Bethany VillageCenterville, OhioFull Time2018-800-B100-628-250-012
Human Resources Recruiting AssistantGraceworks Support ServicesDayton, OhioFull Time2018-550-S100-360-136-001
Laundry Attendant- 1st Shift Full-Time (6:30am-3:00pm)Bethany VillageCenterville, OhioFull Time2018-800-B100-624-240-009
Life Enrichment Coordinator- Full-TimeBethany VillageCenterville, OhioFull Time2018-800-B100-585-200-001
LPN - Part-time CHR 7p to 7a Every MondayBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPart Time2018-800-B425-525-095-002
LPTA-Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (PRN)Bethany VillageCenterville, OhioPer Diem2018-800-B410-575-127-006
Maintenance Generalist Full-time DaysGraceworks Housing ServicesUrbana, OhioFull Time2018-100-H043-223-235-002
Maintenance Technician - Full-timeGraceworks Housing ServicesDayton, OhioFull Time2018-100-H046-004-235-001
Manager, Assisted Living, New Building, Crescent CrossingBethany VillageCenterville, OhioFull Time2018-800-B432-545-35-001
Nurse Aide Trainee - Part-time or Full-time ShiftsBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-800-B420-604-105-008
Nurse Aide Trainee at Bethany Village for 3 pm to 11:30 pm positionsBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-800-B100-604-105-002
Pastoral Care SpecialistBethany VillageDayton, OhioFull Time2017-800-B100-638-048-001
Personal Care Aide- Monday-Friday (2-4 Hour Morning Shifts)Graceworks at Home Personal CareDayton, OhioPer Diem2018-830-P100-660-190-032
Personal Care Aide- Weekend PositionGraceworks at Home Personal CareDayton, OhioPer Diem2018-830-P100-660-190-030
Personal Care Aide-(PCA) Flexible Schedules!Graceworks at Home Personal CareDayton, OhioPer Diem2018-830-P100-660-190-031
Receptionist - Every Other Weekend Position (Saturday & Sunday 8:30am-5:00pm)Bethany VillageCenterville, OhioPer Diem2018-800-B100-616-160-001
RN (Registered Nurse) Full-time, 7 pm to 7:30 am - New Wage ScaleBethany VillageCenterville, OhioFull Time2018-800-B410-505-075-006
RN (Registered Nurse) PRN - New Wage ScaleBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPer Diem2018-800-B410-505-075-010
Server- Full-Time (11:00am-7:30pm) $2000 Retention Bonus!Bethany VillageCenterville, OhioFull Time2018-800-B440-620-215-008
Server-Food Service Crew-(PRN)Bethany VillageCenterville, OhioPer Diem2018-800-B100-620-215-008
State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) - FT, PT or PRN - 3rd shiftBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-800-B420-604-110-002
State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) - FT, PT or PRN - Day ShiftBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPart Time/Full Time/ PRN2018-800-B420-604-100-001
State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) - Full Time 2nd Shift - Retention Bonus $2500Bethany VillageCenterville, OhioFull Time2018-800-B420-604-105-005
State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) Part-time 2nd ShiftBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPart Time2018-800-B420-604-105-006
State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) PRN 2nd shift $16 per hourBethany VillageCenterville, OhioPer Diem2018-800-B420-604-105-007
Volunteer Coordinator - Part-timeGraceworks Support ServicesCenterville, OhioPart Time2018-550-S100-360-205-001