Thor Solutions


Engineering Technician
Work LocationSan Diego, CA
Position Code1401-20170619
Public Job Description

THOR Solutions is actively seeking an Engineering Technician IV or V in support of the Southwest Regional Maintenance Center. This position will provide technical support to engineering and design staff in a variety of engineering tasks in the installation, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, calibration, testing, fabrication, construction and operation of diverse electronic/mechanical equipment and systems in accordance with engineering specifications.


  • Provide additional engineering, logistical, and clerical support for the TSRA Visit Support Team (VST), additional TSRA and INSURV requirements, and specific roles and responsibilities of the Assessment Director (AD), Subject Matter Expert (SME), and Technical Inspector (TI) that are critical to the success of the assessment event and are further defined below in paragraphs 9.3 through 9.5.

  • Provide computer data entry, software updates, and analyst services for FAST in support of TSRA, ICMP, and other TYCOM directed assessments onboard U.S. Naval Ships or vessels as required.

  • Provide intermediate and organizational level computer data entry, software updates, and analyst support in the FAST database for processing AWN.

  • Convert MAFs into M001 files to be uploaded to the ship’s CSMP.

  • Screen all AWNs inducted into the program for completeness.

  • Provide Quality Assurance that each AWN has all the required information entered into the correct blocks.

  • Notify the TSRA support team of any required follow-on technical information needed to complete each task.

  • Process MAFs and GA2Ks tasks in preparation for bulk loading files into the ship’s CSMP. Identify and close all AWNs in TAAS-Info. This tasking may include researching correct APL numbers, and researching and selecting the proper RIN.

  • Develop support documentation to be used during corrosion inspections and assessment visits.


  • Assist the TSRA AD in the identification of GA2Ks, locating parts, entering data into the ship’s CSMP using assessment software, developing and documenting discrepancies found, documenting deferred and/or corrected discrepancies, maintaining an accurate and up-to- date status of discrepancies, and identifying repair parts status.

  • Assist in the input of critique data back to NAVSEA lessons learned database and major accomplishments, which includes periodic status reports and final reports.

  • Print GA2Ks pushed from last “availability-minus-40-days” (A-40) date (as applicable). Input the jobs showing the completed jobs closed in the VSB system, the deferred jobs for next availability, and the new repair jobs generated for the ship’s CSMP. Research the ship’s CSMP at A-40 and print the existing jobs for review.

  • Provide intermediate and organizational level ILS for all TSRAs. This includes researching correct APL numbers, researching, selecting the proper RIN.

  • Research parts availability using FEDLOG, CDMD-OA and GDAPL. Assist the AD and Ship’s Force with requisitioning correct parts using OMMS-NG as identified by the RMC technician. Research “One Touch System” for free assets that may be available.

  • Provide final assessment reports to the Code 300 Port Engineer, the ship, and the RMC engineering department within two weeks after the ship visit to include:


    • Logistics report

    • Completed assessment forms

    • Test director debriefs summary

    • Measures of effectiveness

    • Repair parts matrix

    • List of GA2Ks pushed from NAVSEA 04 at the A-40 date (as applicable)

    • List of GA2Ks pulled from TYCOM at the A-40 date (as applicable)

    • Completed jobs closed in VSB

    • Deferred jobs for next availability

    • Repair jobs generated

    • APMER test procedures with each GA2K

    • Metrics required by TYCOM, CNRMC and Code 200 leadership.

  • Accomplish engineering, logistics and technical documentation/reports and training in support of SWRMC Engineering (Code 200), as necessary to use the current version of visit support software including familiarity with program and logistical interfaces and procedures.

  • Provide, install, and assist in the utilization of the current version of assessment software on GFE computers. Ensure contract employees have appropriate materials in support of the utilization of assessment software and hardware.



  • Support Submarine FTS and TSRA program requirements as described in the JFMM, CNRMC Instruction 4790.2, and COMSUBLANT/COMSUBPAC Instruction 9010.5B.


  • Coordinate with other internal and external stakeholders including SUBPAC, SUBRON, and TYCOM to provide feedback to their RMC client.


  • Prepare and deliver products in accordance with requirements stated in the Submarine TSRA test plan approved by SUBPAC prior to each event.



  • Support TAAS-Info & STAARS program data entry and management.

  • Provide administrative support for a RMC assessment team visit for all systems and all submarine classes by supporting execution of the visit team assessment software, including but not limited to data files, configuration data inputs, formats, operational codes, etc., and the necessary hardware.

  • Validate the data entry process for all aspects of assessment software for all systems and all submarine classes.

  • Validate the source of the data elements for all reports produced by assessment software for all submarine classes.

  • Produce all information required to interface with configuration and NAVSEALOGCEN and DLA.


SUBMARINE PDMA SUPPORT—The contractor must:


  • Continuous Operational and Maintenance Assessment Support.

  • Review and assess TAVRs, CASREPs, 2-Kilos, parts usage, STAARS and TAAS FTA/maintenance data and provide waterfront input and technical support in identification, analysis, determination of root cause, resolution of NPES towed systems OOC, failures, and/or trends, and formulation of recommendations and actionable data in support of Fleet, COMSUBLANT/COMSUBPAC, Squadron, Ships Force, etc.

  • Investigate and perform maintenance investigations/assessments, generate reports/point papers/briefs including recommendations for problem resolution and/or product improvements in support of TMA and other Fleet/TYCOM activities/meetings.

  • Provide engineering, technical, and logistics support for TYCOM Force Sonar Technician acoustic system working group meetings, Senior Sonar Technician conference, etc., including preparation and development of briefs, presentations, on-site preparation and participation, and follow-up activities including tracking and accomplishment of action items.

  • Provide onboard support for qualitative data collection and capture of indirect empirical evidence used to analyze reliability and maintainability of NPES and in some cases HM&E systems/equipment over submarine POM and deployment cycles. This includes, but is not limited to, the performance of PDMA visits and reports as part of the TSRP.

  • Provide management and coordination support for TSRP process improvement initiatives, activities, semi-annual TSRA conferences, and meetings, etc., including preparation and development of briefs, presentations, on-site and/or onboard preparation and participation, and follow-up activities including tracking and accomplishment of action items.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, & Experience :


  • 7+ years of hands on experience.

  • Additional vocational or technical education.

  • Interested persons must be U.S. citizens

  • High School graduate or equivalent

  • Valid driver’s license and passport

  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a required government security clearance and access to CLASSIFIED information and up to and including SECRET. All personnel are required to have a favorable adjudicated National Agency Check and Credit Check (NACLC) with clearance eligibility determined by DOD Central Adjudication Facility.

  • Must be able to gain access to the San Diego Naval Bases and Local Shipyards.

  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC).

Equal Opportunity Employer of Minorities, Females, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities.